Position Statement

All current Board members have great resumes; that did not prevent the scandal that rocked the University.

I would like to utilize the expertise I have developed serving on multiple profit/non-profit Boards to help repair the University’s reputation. Nothing less than basic changes are needed in the university’s board governance and oversight.

Failure of Board Governance - Trustees have an awesome responsibility to assure that Penn State is beyond reproach in its commitment to excellence. I support hiring an Independent Consultant to study Board Governance and review the Bylaws:

  • Advocate for reduction of the 32 member Board.
  • Governor and Governor’s appointments – 10 Board seats although the State provides less than 6% of the University budget.
  • Agricultural Societies, Business and Industry have 12 Board seats.
  • Alumni – 9 seats. Alumni are the very heart of the university and support it financially. I support raising the elected alumni trustees to more than 50%.

The Board must improve oversight and accountability so that a scandal like this will not happen again, the Board should adopt current “best practices”:

  • Entire Board must be “hands on” in oversight of every aspect of the university, including athletics.
  • Board actions must be transparent.

Penn State is no longer the “Farmers High School”, it’s a 21st century University. We need a 21st century Board. For those who bleed blue and white, send children to this University, the Board must rededicate itself to restoring the University’s luster.

I would appreciate your support.

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